Who participated in the Conference Ethos 360 had access to a range of relevant information about what's happening in companies, innovative experiences, challenging cases and initiatives that have resulted in successful startups. The debates, as a whole, addressed business practices and pointed out the changes that are taking place in Brazil and in the world, […]

We are responsible for the products we buy from the moment that we take in hands until the final destination that we give them. In Brazil, this is already law, and reaches businesses and ordinary people. The growth of the world population, added to the growing consumer demand, is generating an outsized garbage on the […]

There are many evidence that development indicators are being rethought in order to consider the well-being of people and the sustainability of the planet. With the expansion of access to the media and the agility in exchanging experiences and news, the society won geographical barriers and went on to have a look at more comprehensive […]