The household garbage and the shared responsibility

16 de November de 2013, por em Trash
The household garbage and the shared responsibility

We produce a lot of waste in our homes, we know. The household garbage is related with the form of consumption in our times, where the packaging and industrial products gain more and more space in the planned environments. Moreover, space is one of the obstacles to the adoption of home collection programmes in condominiums, considering the volume of waste for disposal. Some cities already have the collection specific to the organic and inorganic garbage of households, but in most cases, treat the household garbage is still a major challenge.

In Belo Horizonte, for example, the collection of recyclables in the neighborhoods served by the city in this service it once a week, that is, you must store the materials for seven days until they are collected. There appear the doubts, what really is recyclable? Worth my effort to separate the trash at home and prepare it properly? The answer is Yes, it's worth! Dedicate time and space for storage and proper disposal of household garbage is valuable for every citizen. The collection of the city is important, but the routing of materials for recycling can be done with a different perspective, the productive chain of the recycling, where, for example, the citizen takes her recyclables to the voluntary collection points or a partnership with a cooperative of scavengers.

It is important to get information on the productive chain of the recycling works in your city and connect. In each region, there are organizations that manage networks of the productive chain of the recycling. They are formed by the cooperatives of collectors, recycling industries and public and private initiatives aimed at the education of the citizen and the forwarding of the waste to an appropriate disposal. That way, every citizen promotes the shared responsibility, clarifying doubts and helping in the environmental education of families and the condos.

We're going to invest in a new relationship with the garbage, the planet thanks!