Conceptual product focused on the reuse

27 de novembro de 2015, por em Sem categoria
Conceptual product focused on the reuse

Two designers, a Brazilian and a Catalana, have joined their talents to create a unique design for reuse of materials. They were motivated by a delicate scenario, economic strain, for which the countries of Europe in General and, particularly, to Spain. Henry Funari and Sara García decided to undertake a project of handicraft products, inspired by the phenomenon that happens in many parts of that continent.

Due to the crisis, several entrepreneurs have emerged proposing a new way of consumption and production, with social awareness and concern for the environment, ready to cooperate with other enterprises and collective projects. Values-if the artisan production through technical manuals, recovery of the reuse of resources and creativity.

In Spain, the number of flea markets to themselves (places where artists and small entrepreneurs expose their products, exchange ideas and sell items you no longer need more). Then there’s also the matter of coworking spaces, where several independent companies share the same structure of Office and workshop and, consequently, the costs; In addition to collaborative sites to exchanges of products and services.

Between Sao Paulo and Barcelona, the couple created the Studio-Studio fan, whose product which best reflects this philosophy is the Sketchbook Cutouts, a notebook made with recycled paper, thought to draw and make notes. Inside the book, plus blank pages on recycled paper, there are sheets of paper, old comic books, maps, newspaper clippings, crossword puzzle magazine, envelopes used and other recycled materials, which would be discarded, but that ended up giving personality to the product, thanks to a creative and unique design.

Each notebook is made manually, the seam to finish. “We prioritize crafted printing methods such as stamps, woodcuts and illustrations made by hand”, explains Henry Funari. Learn more about the project at