Cooking oil is polluting, but can be recycled

7 de dezembro de 2015, por em Sem categoria

It is still common for people dumping used cooking oil in the sink, for not knowing how to dispose of it, but, mainly, by not being aware of the damage that such an attitude may cause to the environment, by extension, to the general public. The risk of compromising the oil pipeline system of the sewage network is great. Composed of water-insoluble substances (lipids) and in contact with other wastes, oil will form a grease, which gives rise to fat boards, responsible for clogging. Can also contaminate the water table, and if it is dumped in rivers, causing the death of living beings which are essential to the rivers. The chemical properties of the oil and gas trading oxygenation and demand too much oxygen to decompose, experts in the environmental area. Discard the used cooking oil properly is, ultimately, a matter of environmental safety. The oil must be stored in PET bottle and forwarded to the voluntary surrender, created for this purpose. Oil as raw material – legislation that requires proper disposal, coupled with a trend of increasing environmental awareness on the part of citizens and businesses, grow the oil supply and promotes the emergence of initiatives and new business, who have used oil as main raw material. He is the kind of waste that offers good possibilities for reuse in manufacturing cleaning products, paint and even fuel. In Crixás, Northern region of Goiás, an experiment with the environmentally appropriate disposal used cooking oil has joined a company, mineradora Serra Grande, and the local community in an innovative project: create a SOAP factory to give order to the oil that had to be dropped from the company's restaurant. The factory is played by a small group of women, who managed to sensitize the other residents of the city to also donate used oil for reuse. With the support of the company, the project grew, the SOAP manufacturing technique has been improved and other cleaning products were developed with the same raw material. 2_Óleo image of the kitchen is hazardous waste, but is recyclable  

Used cooking oil is the main raw material in the manufacture of SOAP and other cleaning products, for women from the community of Crixás, Goiás