Cooperative launches collection of products made with PET bottle

4 de março de 2016, por em Sem categoria
Cooperative launches collection of products made with PET bottle

Social work, with added value by design, surprises for the creation of pieces made with PET bottles, a material widely consumed these days, you need to find opportunities for reuse and recycling. And that's what the cooperative Cocoon is doing by using this smart and creative residue.

The cooperative, which brings together women in situation of social fragility, in the city of Canoas/RS, just launched in 2016, including Gift Parallel design and decoration, in São Paulo, the Luminós Collection, all made in PET bottle, with products between fixtures and accessories. The complete catalogue of the collection can be accessed on

Social work gained a new bias, when receiving the support of design professionals, who came to add value to the process of creation and composition of parts, such as light fixtures, of great visual effect, first product manufactured by the group. There were new ideas, delicate flowers, keychains, necklaces and earrings.


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New market-it all started with a professional qualification project, followed by a course in entrepreneurship offered by the city of Canoas. Then, with the support of designers Lui It Pumo and Tina Moura, the group exceeded the production of parts, entering the market of handmade and ecological products.

The first cooperative work, entitled Christmas from the processing, aimed to decorate the city of Canoas with ornaments made from recycled material. The project was certified by the Sustainability Award, Rio + 20 Conference. In 2015, the same project drew attention by the amount of bottles reused in the process: 300 1000 units, employed only in set design.