Individual social responsibility x personal incongruity

22 de março de 2013, por em Sem categoria

Last week, more precisely the day March 15, landmark date in that world celebrates the international day of the consumer, as widely touted by the advances made in this field, gets us a reflection: we are, in fact, consumers congruent (do what you say and say what you do) with our expectation with respect to government officials, companies and entities of the third sector , or transfer these weight of omission, by the absence of individual social responsibility?

The answer to this question is in thinking and acting, but it would be interesting to a change of look and attitude that will lead us to adopt a proactive stance in front of the undeniable reality of the finiteness of resources of our planet. Simple but attitudes that make all the difference, how to: consume less plastic bags, leave the 2 car garage, reconciling as far as possible our schedules with partners, deposit household waste in appropriate locations that participate in the wake of the production chain. Anyway, these like so many others, are actions that will surely change the whole outcome, since they "are people who define the course of actions taken in their day to day".

There is a phrase famous, I love to repeat, trying to of me not be too incongruous: "we can't change the past, but we can contribute to the change of our future". Just want to make a difference. My reflection for all of us, people and consumer.