Recycling prolongs shelf life of raw material

21 de agosto de 2015, por em Sem categoria

Discard packaging long life in the trash is a real waste of natural and monetary resources, whereas in the manufacturing of them is employed cutting edge technology, precisely in order to allow them to be 100% recyclable.

The random drop kick to the life cycle of the materials used in its manufacture as paper, aluminum and plastic, at the same time, interrupting a chain of processes that would benefit society as a whole. These components could return to productive centers in the form of raw material, if sent to the industries that make recycling.

Right way – one of the successful experiences to the reuse of these packages was developed by Tetra Pak company, which created the Route of recycling program, a system that points the location and the contact of the cooperatives and the voluntary surrender of recyclable materials and trades related to the chain of long-life packaging recycling in the country.

The difficulty of giving environmentally appropriate disposal long life packaging is in scope of selective collection and in the absence of industries specialized in the processing of this type of waste. There is also the fact that few capitals have collection points for products to be recycled. Currently, 35 industries recycle the packaging of Tetra Pak. They are located in the States of São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Bahia e Distrito Federal.

Long life packaging – Composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, these boxes create a barrier that prevents the entrance of light, air, water, microorganisms and foreign odors, preserving any longer foods such as milk, juices and tomato sauces. They also do not require cooling and allow perishable products are transported over long distances without spoiling.

The technology developed for the packaging allows all of it is recycled. The process enhances the use of natural resources demanded in the production. Product residue becomes its own raw material.

This set of aspects that the end result in saving the environment of more natural resources to production is what adds value to a product.

Deniel MoraisJ
ornalista, Publisher of the Lixomarg Blog